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I love the idea of transformation
and empowering women to be
in control of their own beauty.

Eva Mendes
on the power of transformation

When you’re on the red carpet you can’t
control what angle someone sees you from.
Every woman wants to put her
best face forward.

Eva Mendes
on best angles




Eye System


Double Action
Lip Treatment

Now Look More Beautiful
From Every Angle.

Your Contouring Essential:

New Dimension

Shape + Fill Expert Serum


The skin contouring serum with

The power to add
instant radiance
and lift the look
of both cheeks
and jawline.

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    Instantly Skin is softer,
    smoother, more radiant.

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    In just 3 days 85% said their skin felt
    plumped and refined.

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    In just 2 weeks 84% saw more defined
    looking facial contours.

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    At 4 weeks 87% saw a positive
    transformation in the
    look of their skin. Your
    face comes alive in
    every dimension.

How It Works

Through the advanced science of contouring,
you can help improve both visible volume + structure.

Volume + Structure

Our Shaping Technology helps
restore natural-looking fullness and
volume by supporting skin’s 3 natural
skin plumpers—Hyaluronic Acid,
fillagrin and lipids.

Our pro-collagen complex and skin
strengtheners help skin’s natural
structure by helping promote 3 natural
support proteins—collagen, elastin
and fibronectin.

Plus texture:
Powerful skin refinishers help reveal softer, smoother skin.

New Dimension

Transforming Contouring Collection

New +

Tighten and tone the
look of your neck
and chest area, and
energize skin with
the innovative
massager inside.

New +

With this innovative
2-step lip treatment,
lips look defined
and plumped, feel


In just 2 weeks, you’ll
see more defined-
looking contours.
Cheeks and jawline are
visibly more lifted.


Trend Alert:
Create a simple,
wearable contoured
look right now—
it’s easy with this
all-in-one face kit.

New +

A First for Eyes:
Our 2-step eye treatment.
Step 1 creates a tighter
feeling, step 2 smooths
targeted areas.

How to use
them together

Want to change
your look?

We love the power to play with and transform our
appearance. It’s not a dream—It can be reality.

Give us 2 weeks and you’ll see more defined-looking
contours with New Dimension Shape + Fill
Expert Serum
. It’s like a genie in a bottle.

If you’ve always craved the ability to shape
and sculpt the look of your face on demand, our
Face Contouring Kit will chisel cheeks and
jawline to perfection. Shape up your forehead.
Narrow or bring out the bridge of your nose.

Have you seen
your facial contours
start to change?

Over time our facial contours can begin to seem flatter.
We naturally start to lose the plumpness and elasticity
that give our contours a natural look of dimension.

Cheekbones lose definition. Jawline starts to droop.
Lips become thinner, smaller. Eyes lose firmness above
and below, which eventually makes their contours
appear more slack.

Estée Lauder New Dimension Shape + Fill Expert
actually helps improve visible structure and
volume to help define the look of skin’s natural contours.

Learn How: It’s Easy With

Contour Coaching

Contouring is the hottest beauty trend on the planet. According to Blair Patterson, Director of Global Artistry
for Estée Lauder, “Contouring gives your face shape and definition by enhancing the look of
your natural facial volume and structure. But a contoured face also helps make your face look more symmetrical,
which makes features such as the eyes, quality of skin and smile appear more beautiful.”

Your Eyes.

Add depth and dimension
for bigger, brighter, more
defined-looking eyes with
our Shape + Sculpt Eye Kit.

Learn How

Your Face.

Instantly highlight, define and
visibly sculpt your face with
our Shape + Sculpt Face Kit.

Learn How

Your Lips.

New Plump + Fill Expert Lip
Treatment helps visibly define
the lip contour area with
instant-effect optics.

Learn How